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Practice Areas

Personal injury is a broad practice area that includes any intentional or negligent act caused by a third party. Personal injury claims include things like motor vehicle accidents where one driver was not paying attention, driving recklessly or driving too fast. Other claims include dog bites, assault and battery, malpractice, premises liability, and the like.

San Diego Employment Lawyer Donald A. Green is experienced in numerous areas of employment law. This is a broad area including all aspects of employment, from wage and hour violations, to fair employment, to discrimination and wrongful termination. This is such a large area of law that there is an entire labor code devoted to it.

Debt & Bankruptcy are two very scary words to business owners, homeowners, and the like. Lawyer Donald A. Green is experienced in both fields and will get you the outcome you need to live a comfortable life.

Our courteous and friendly staff of law clerks, paralegals, litigation support professionals, and attorneys are dedicated and committed to serving our clients, their causes, and the justice we seek on behalf of individuals.

Mr. Green obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, and his Master’s degree from Cornell’s prestigious Sloan program in Health Services Administration.

Our firm is dedicated to providing aggressive representation from the beginning of your case. We anticipate and plan as though every case will proceed to trial.

A motor vehicle accident or other traumatic event can have long-lasting or life-long effects on those involved. Our attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Donald A. Green, San Diego personal injury lawyers, are committed to doing what is right in seeking justice for people. We are dedicated to representing clients with consumer rights, personal injury and financial issues.

We strive to provide the utmost personalized attention to our clients. We feel that it is an imperative to know our clients, to establish a relationship with them, to step into their shoes, to sympathize and try to understand what they want through and experienced. That is the only we can properly represent our clients. We believe in the strengths of our practice, practice our principles, and practice daily in these basic tenets: Honesty, Integrity, and Zealous Advocacy. And we incorporate all of these approaches into our representation of our clients – as individuals and harmed victims.

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