1. Assault and Battery. Trial Verdict: $100,000.00

    Two friends were at a house party. One pulled out a knife and slashed at the face of one of the guests. The jury found that our client, the guest, was somewhat negligent in involving himself in the situation. Nonetheless, the jury found for our client. He was awarded $100,000 after his contributory negligence was subtracted from the award.…Read More

  2. Insurance Bad-Faith, $550,000.00

    Our client was a member of a health plan. He was diagnosed with cancer, but his HMO refused to timely authorize treatment. After a delay of several months, he was finally authorized for surgery, but by then it was too late. He died two months later. After a hard fought battle, judgment was entered against the insurance company for bad-faith for $550,000.00.…Read More