When you are injured in a car accident or at a place of business, it is important that you take action right away against the negligent party. This means finding a lawyer who will keep your best interest in mind and who will also get you the settlement you deserve. In order to ensure that you get everything you need out of your attorney, we have put together a list of things to look for in potential representation so that you can have a reliable law firm by your side throughout the entire process. Below you can discover what makes a good personal injury lawyer, much like the lawyers at Donald A. Green Law Offices.

  1. Find someone with plenty of past experiencedreamstime_xxl_33233118

    You need a lawyer who can prove that they have successfully handled and won cases like yours before. One of the best ways to ensure that your lawyer is someone who can be trusted is to find them through ‘word of mouth’. If you know someone who has gone through a similar situation as you are going through now, ask them who represented them and landed them the settlement that they deserved.

  2. The Passion Factor

    If you hire a lawyer, you want to make sure it is someone who is passionate about getting you the outcome you desire. You want someone who understands what you have been through and who also have the drive to get you the results you deserve. If an attorney makes you feel as though you are just one of dozens of clients he is representing, move along.

  3. Find someone who will stay in touch

    Having a lawyer who is reliable is a must. If your representation hardly ever answers their phone or returns your calls, how will they ever render the settlement you know you are entitled to? Make sure your attorney is frequently available and eager to please you.

If you are located in Carlsbad and need a personal injury lawyer who will do all that is listed above and more, call the Law Offices of Donald A. Green today!