A seven car accident occurred just South of Miramar Rd. around 7:20 a.m. June 17, 2013, according to Chanel 10 News. Although it is unclear how the accident occurred, seven people were transported to area hospitals.

Motor vehicle accidents occur in a split second. All drivers have the legal duty to drive carefully, depending on road conditions, weather, speed, and ability. If any of these drivers was negligent, they could be held responsible for all other drivers involved, provided that the other drivers were not negligent. If some or all of the drivers were acting carelessly, any harm to any of the others could be apportioned to those negligent. This is what’s referred to as “contributory negligence” inpersonal injury actions Anyone involved in this accident would be well-advised to consult legal counsel as soon as possible for an evaluation of the rights and even possible liability.