At our law office, we get an enormous amount of inquiries regarding what qualifies as wrongful termination.  These questions come from a range of people including those who have recently been fired, as well as those who did the firing. In order to clear up some of the most common confusion related to wrongful termination, we have compiled a resource for you to read below that will help you understand wrongful termination a bit better.

“Was I Wrongfully Terminated?”dreamstime_6831887

The vast majority of people we talk to about this subject want the answer to this question. The answer we normally give: “probably not”. Because California is an “At-Will” employment state, this means you can’t be terminated wrongfully unless the situation directly involved discrimination of some sort. In short, there is no law against your boss being mean to you. In fact, your employers technically do not even have to give a reason for firing you. As their business, it is their prerogative to employ the people they want working for them and to fire those they do not.

There are, of course always exceptions to this. In almost every single case, however, a significant amount of information will be needed about your situation to truly determine whether or not you have the chance to turn it into a lawsuit. Two of the most important questions we will always ask of someone who believes they have been wrongfully terminated are:

  1. What was the actual reason you were fired?

  2. What would your employer say was the actual reason you were fired?

This gives us the basis to determine if your case is even something we should pursue and a good employment lawyer can normally tell when a situation warrants a lawsuit or not pretty early on.

If you think you have indeed been terminated wrongfully, we suggest you call the expert litigators at the Law Offices of Donald A. Green. We can give you a better idea about whether or not you should pursue your suit or if perhaps it’s just time to start looking for a new and likely better job.