1. Legal Remedies for #MeToo Survivors

    "Me Too" is the twitter hashtag used by Alyssa Milano in an open letter she posted following the sexual harassment allegations against the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in mid-October 2017.  As everyone has learned, Harvey Weinstein, once revered as the apotheosis of Hollywood power, has fallen in every possible way since - dozens of women have come forward with sexual abuse allegations, he lo…Read More

  2. Wrongful Termination & A Lawyer To Protect You

    At our law office, we get an enormous amount of inquiries regarding what qualifies as wrongful termination.  These questions come from a range of people including those who have recently been fired, as well as those who did the firing. In order to clear up some of the most common confusion related to wrongful termination, we have compiled a resource for you to read below that will help you unders…Read More

  3. Are You Familiar with Employment Law?

    The Law Offices of Donald A. Green handles many cases involving employment law. If you are unfamiliar with what employment law is, we would like to give you a bit more information. In layman’s terms, employment law involves any case that concerns an employer and their employee. There are many different facets of this sort of law as it can benefit either party depending on what the specifics of t…Read More