Having a accurate credit score on your credit report is a necessity. Having an inaccurate credit score on your report can lead to many things that you do not want to experience. The score you get has a direct impact on your ability to buy a home, get a loan, and any other big purchase or life plans you may want to make.

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In the majority of situations, the credit bureaus will allow for consumers to speak up about any inaccurate information on a credit report. However, this process does not always go as it is supposed to. When the process does not work this way, you then may need to take matters into your own hands by hiring an attorney.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that consumers can insist that their credit report is not only complete, but that is also accurately reflects their credit history. When this act is violated, it is time to take action.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act may provide you with a remedy is you discover:

  • someone has viewed your credit report without permission.
  • there is inaccurate information on your credit report.
  • there are unfamiliar accounts.
  • someone else’s information is on your credit report.
  • there are incorrect entries by creditors on your report.
  • there is information that is no longer accurate.

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