debt settleAt the Law Offices of Donald A. Green, we work in debt settlement to help you get back on the right foot as far as your finances are concerned. As your debt settlement attorney, we will work to lower the amount of money you owe to lenders. This includes unsecured debt which did not require collateral like medical bills, student loans and credit card debt.

If you have acquired a large amount of debt and you do not have the monetary resources to take care of it, it’s time you seek the counsel of an experienced debt settlement attorney. Your lawyer can consolidate your debt, as well as lower it and help you formulate a payment plan. As your attorney, it will be our job to minimize your legal risks and make sure you are heading towards a better credit score.

All in all, creditors take a big risk when it comes to unsecured debt and therefore, they would like to get back a portion of the money owed to them, rather than none of it. Your debt settlement attorney will take this knowledge and use it to your advantage by lessening your debt through mediation. Contact the Law Offices of Donald A. Green today and start solving your debt issues once and for all!