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Got The Job Done!

Nearly three years ago my wife and I contacted Donald Green to help us with our financial situation. Like so many Americans hurt by the recession, we were paying the minimum balance on every credit card with no end in sight. That’s when Donald Green came up with a five year solution for us to be out of debt. Well, by this July my wife and I will be credit card debt free, thanks to the help of Donald Green. We highly recommend his services to anyone looking to get rid of their credit card debt without filing for bankruptcy.


A Good, Personable Lawyer. How Rare!

I have interacted with a number of Lawyers in my day, and Donald was by far the most personable and responsive. He was always able to be reached and returned my emails very quickly, sometimes in just hours. I always felt that Donald had my best interests in mind and that I was well taken care of. It is rare in this day and age to find any business (let alone a law firm or lawyer) that treats you as a valued client rather than a number on a piece of paper. Donald did a spectacular job and if I ever need legal help again, I will not hesitate to use his services. I feel quite comfortable recommending him to my close friends and family!

Richard, a Chapter 7 Client

Debt Settlement

I had a very positive experience with this law firm. From the time they began representing me until the time my case was closed, they followed through on all services I was told they would provide. I was very apprehensive about enrolling in a debt settlement program and I wasn’t really sure that the law firm would hold up their end of responsiblity, but they really did. I was able to complete my debt settlement program with very minimal stress and with the confidence that the law firm was handling my legal matters. I have successfully completed the program and I can’t thank the Law Office of Donald Green enough for their help throughout the process.

A Debt Settlement Client

A Lawyer with a Degree in Public Health

It was great having an attorney who was familiar with medical issues. He understood the complexities of obtaining high quality medical care. He really contributed to helping me move on with my life.

A Car Accident Client

Would Recommend to a Friend

Took my case after a former lawyer made a mess. Very Happy with the progress so far. Case is still ongoing.

Cheryl C., a Medical Malpractice Client

Review of Donald Green

Donald Green was a pleasure to work with. He was honest, reliable, and attentive. I had a favorable outcome in my case that I attribute to his expertise and perserverance.

Davina, a Personal Injury Client

Trustworthy, Honest and Sincere

In this day and age it is too bad that you have to point out the obvious characteristics that one should seek in an attorney. Having dealt with attorney’s that are not truthful and do not follow through with what they say, it is a breath of fresh air to know that Donald will work for you and looks out for your best interest. He not only looks out for you from a legal standpoint, he truly cares about you as a person. I had the great fortune of working with Donald and I will recommend him to any of my friends and family for legal advice and you should too.

Jeff, a Debt Settlement Client

Review on Donald A. Green

I was in a critical legal bind, and the situation was time sensitive. Donald A. Green was assigned to my case. He immediately stepped in and requested the necessary information from me. He then filed the appropriate papers, right before the deadline. I was stressed to the limit, and he sent me all the copies of the filings, and informed me of the status of the case. I was relieved and feel confident he will get the job done. Every client wants to be assured that their counsel is taking care of all the necessary filings, documents, and legal negotiation. I had been forced into a situation where I was representing myself, and I was overwhelmed and being taking advantage of by the opposing side. Donald Green advised me of my situation and what needed to be done, and then followed through with the work. I am grateful for his professional abilities and patience with my situation, and with me.

Geri, an Appeals Client

Big Wave Dave from 95.9 The Fish recommends Donald Green

When we’re looking for an attorney, I believe all of us are looking for a lawyer with similiar traits. Those of us of Faith are looking for a little extra in an attorney. Tell me if you’re looking for the following in an lawyer:
1) Honesty
2) Integrity
3) Communication
4) Knowledge
5) Oratory skills
6) Honesty (oh is that repeat?)
Most of us who have needed an attorney to represent us over the years may have had less than desireable experiences and maybe even horrific experiences. It’s hard to sleep at night, we don’t get the follow-up or communcation on the progress of our case, we might feel abandoned and that our money was simply taken and the attorney gone. I know how that feels. I have been there. Don Green took on my case. He looked over the evidence and was honest with me with everything contained within my file. He is 100% confident that in my case, we will prevail. You can trust that he will listen to you, look over all the facts, communicate with you and then give you a clear assessment as to how to move forward and what he believes the results will be. He won’t hide the genuine truth from you and just take your case for the money. He is sincere and genuine. And he will return your calls, emails and will be truly transparent with you. He and his staff will work to earn your trust.
If you share my desire to have someone representing you that will be upfront and genuine, it’s worth the call to the Law Office of Donald A Green. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Big Wave Dave 95.9 The Fish, a Banking Client

Above & Beyond!

Donald helped us with a very delicate matter without charge. He went above and beyond to help us resolve the problem. He give of his time and expertise when we were desperate. My husband and I will always be grateful to have found a lawyer who is trustworthy and commited to getting things done and finished!!

Terry and Linda, a Contracts Client

Debt Settlement Accomplished

I recommend him to everyone. He was always on top of everything. I was thrilled to have him on my side.

Nancy, a Debt Settlement Client

Law Office Delivered!

The law office of Donald Green, delivered on what they said. Reducing my credit card payments by more than half.

A Bankruptcy Client

Donald Green Saved Our Family!

My wife and I were handed a lot of debt from our organization. We decided to hire a lawyer in 2009 for debt settlement, but that lawyer turned out to be a scam artist and made matters worse. I felt like we were in a hole and would never dig out. We then were pointed towards Don Green. From day 1, he listened, was honest, and really cared about our family. His staff was friendly, and never made us feel bad for poor choices we made in the past or being taken advantage of. Don or one of his staff members always had time to talk and returned calls as promptly as possible. After a year of working with us, Don and his team finally helped us put our lives back together. I will never forget Don, and will always be grateful to him. Trust me, he will work hard for your family and you as well. Thanks Don!!!!

Caleb, a Debt Settlement Client


I have know Donald Green for about 3 years now…He is an Excellent Attorney and I highly recommend him…I Re-searched other Attorneys for some time before I hired Donald Green to take my case he was very assertive and aggressive. He never leave any stone unturned if there is something there he will find it…He and his staff will go the extra mile for you…They are very friendly knowledgeable and are always there to help you, If you have a problem he is the one who can solve it. Thank you Donald Green, I couldn’t have done it without you and his Staff.

Sylvia Martinez, a Personal Injury Client


I have been very satisfied with the service. Very much on top of my case. I always got call backs and was kept informed as to the status of my case.

Marilyn, a Defective Products Client

Awesome Service. The office staff is very responsive and knowledgeable about the the cases.

We were represented by Mr. Green, and the out come was a very positive one. Mr. Green went out of his way to make sure our case was handled appropriately.

A Debt Collection Client

Love Donald Green & Stephanie Boone!

Don was amazing in my accident case from start to finish, he always approached everything objectively and was looking out for my best interest. Stephanie who is also an attorney there was very supportive and great at getting me all the help I needed. They were very good about making sure I was ok before anything else. Don was always 100% honest with me and to me that alone is worth its weight in gold. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has been in an accident or would require their services.

Michael, a Car Accident Client

Help When I Needed It The Most!

Going through my bankruptcy was a traumatic event for me. Donald Green was helping me with debt solutions and after hesitating for over a year whether I should file bankruptcy, I decided to hire Donald to file Chapter 7. He and his firm was of the utmost help to me. I don’t know what I would have done without their assistance. Donald was totally responsive to my emails and phone calls and it wasn’t long before I knew I was in capable hands and could rest knowing I had made the right decision. Having never gone through anything like this, he showed amazing patience with me and took me through every detail step by step. He was professional at all times and always respectful and courteous. Appearing in court was scary, but with the assistance of his colleagues, it was successfully over in a short amount of time. I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to refer Donald’s law firm. I’m more knowledgeable now and I can’t thank Donald enough for all his help.

Beverly, a Chapter 7 Client


I was was working with another company and was not happy with their service. I heard about Mr Green over the radio, and I called for information. I liked what I heard so I hired his services. I was very glad I made the call. My issues have been settled and I can sleep at night. Thank you very much.

A Debt Settlement Client

Superior Services from Donald A. Green

Mr. Green was considerate, helpful and was responsive any time we had questions either by phone or email. He took us through the process effortlessly, which made us feel safe and comfortable about the Bankruptcy procedure. We thank him very much for his services and appreciate all he did for us.

Bill and Tammy, a Chapter 7 Client

Medical Technology by Profession-Retired

Assisted me when original Lawyer cannot do the job from debts settlement.

A Debt Settlement Client

A Big Help To Our Case!

Mr. Green was very honest and was a big help to our case. He answered all our questions and was very professional.

Dora, a Bankruptcy Client

Donald Did What He Said

Donald Helped me with both credit card debt reduction and then finally chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He helped me through the entire process and everything went perfectly. I can now breath easy thanks to Donald Green.

Richard and Gail, a Chapter 7 Client

Thank You!

Donald and Amy were both wonderful to work with. Extremely efficient
and we are so grateful for everything he did and for especially being
able to negotiate for less then expected. In such a difficult time
you made it all work out. We can’t thank you enough.

A Bankruptcy Client

Great Service! Would Recommend!

Even though we never got to meet face to face he kept me well informed It was me that was slow to throw the ball back in his court. But eventually was able to file and start fresh. thanks

Dena, a Chapter 7 Client

I was lost in debt…

With out Dons, help I have no ideas to this day what was going to happen with over $17,000. in debt. He expleaned what steps he was going to provide us ahd what to except from the credit card companies. He stop all letters and calls. When a bump in the road came up it was take care of. He solved our credit problems with the two credit card companies and we are very very pleased and we have learn a very hard lesson.

A Bankruptcy Client

Don Green is a Good Man.

Mr Green is very good at what He does.
I’m happy to have had him on my side.
GOD bless Him

Mohannad, a Chapter 7 Client

Excellent Service!

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Green. I would absoutely recommend his services. He was responsive and considerated to my needs and willing to work with me on all matters of concern.

M. Smith, a Chapter 7 Client

Donald Green Went the Extra Mile

Unfortunately I allowed my chronic pain and other medical conditions at 82 years old, to put off working on my Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing papers. After one credit card company filed a suit against one of my bank accounts, I still did not take action to complete my filing papers.

With the looming date to have them completed, I called on my son’s help for the four days remaining before it would be too late to file. My son contacted Donald Green, whom a year earlier had accepted my application and payment for the bankruptcy filing.

Due to Donald Green’s willingness to be extremely cooperative in helping us to get the paper work completed and filed in four days made it possible for me to meet the last minute deadline. I will be forever grateful that Donald Green was willing to get the work completed and filed which led to a successful completion for me.

A Chapter 7 Client

Excellent Attorney!

Donald and his team were very responsive and helpful in our matter. I would recommend him to anyone!

Shane, a Debt Settlement Client
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