Big Wave Dave from 95.9 The Fish recommends Donald Green

When we’re looking for an attorney, I believe all of us are looking for a lawyer with similiar traits. Those of us of Faith are looking for a little extra in an attorney. Tell me if you’re looking for the following in an lawyer:
1) Honesty
2) Integrity
3) Communication
4) Knowledge
5) Oratory skills
6) Honesty (oh is that repeat?)
Most of us who have needed an attorney to represent us over the years may have had less than desireable experiences and maybe even horrific experiences. It’s hard to sleep at night, we don’t get the follow-up or communcation on the progress of our case, we might feel abandoned and that our money was simply taken and the attorney gone. I know how that feels. I have been there. Don Green took on my case. He looked over the evidence and was honest with me with everything contained within my file. He is 100% confident that in my case, we will prevail. You can trust that he will listen to you, look over all the facts, communicate with you and then give you a clear assessment as to how to move forward and what he believes the results will be. He won’t hide the genuine truth from you and just take your case for the money. He is sincere and genuine. And he will return your calls, emails and will be truly transparent with you. He and his staff will work to earn your trust.
If you share my desire to have someone representing you that will be upfront and genuine, it’s worth the call to the Law Office of Donald A Green. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Big Wave Dave 95.9 The Fish, a Banking Client