Donald Green Saved Our Family!

My wife and I were handed a lot of debt from our organization. We decided to hire a lawyer in 2009 for debt settlement, but that lawyer turned out to be a scam artist and made matters worse. I felt like we were in a hole and would never dig out. We then were pointed towards Don Green. From day 1, he listened, was honest, and really cared about our family. His staff was friendly, and never made us feel bad for poor choices we made in the past or being taken advantage of. Don or one of his staff members always had time to talk and returned calls as promptly as possible. After a year of working with us, Don and his team finally helped us put our lives back together. I will never forget Don, and will always be grateful to him. Trust me, he will work hard for your family and you as well. Thanks Don!!!!

Caleb, a Debt Settlement Client