Review on Donald A. Green

I was in a critical legal bind, and the situation was time sensitive. Donald A. Green was assigned to my case. He immediately stepped in and requested the necessary information from me. He then filed the appropriate papers, right before the deadline. I was stressed to the limit, and he sent me all the copies of the filings, and informed me of the status of the case. I was relieved and feel confident he will get the job done. Every client wants to be assured that their counsel is taking care of all the necessary filings, documents, and legal negotiation. I had been forced into a situation where I was representing myself, and I was overwhelmed and being taking advantage of by the opposing side. Donald Green advised me of my situation and what needed to be done, and then followed through with the work. I am grateful for his professional abilities and patience with my situation, and with me.

Geri, an Appeals Client